This morning, we discovered the robin’s nest on the ground. It seems that something had attacked the nest in the night, killed the mother and two of the babies. There were feathers and blood everywhere and it was very sad. Chris put the nest back under the deck where it had been, but the two remaining babies looked badly shaken and were not making a sound. Dad is around and keeps bringing them worms, the trouble is, he seems to have no idea where they are. He was calling for them, but they were in such a bad state they were not replying. He was just wandering around the garden with worms hanging out of his beak.

Later in the afternoon, the chicks seemed to have picked up a little and were calling out, but dad has not been around, and of course, mum is dead, so we hope that they survive and dad looks after them. Just when things were looking bleak, at about three this afternoon Ronnie the raccoon turned up with her babies, the first time we had seen them. She has five of them. No wonder she was coming round early in the evening to feed.