We have to report the loss of all our baby robins. We are gutted, but I suppose that is nature. As I reported yesterday something (probably a raccoon) had attacked the nest and killed the mother and two of the babies. Unfortunately this morning the nest was once again on the ground, but no babies in sight. We found evidence of raccoons on the deck (in the form of poo), so suspect that they are to blame. Not only do they have the audacity to eat our chicks, they then s*** in our deck!

On a lighter note, the baby raccoons (I know, ironic isn’t it) came back last night with mum. They are a menace, but so, so cute.

Looking out the window later in the day we saw something odd wandering across the garden. At first, we thought we were seeing things, but no, it was a turtle. No idea what it was doing in our garden as there is no water. He just wandered in, stayed for a photoshoot and wandered off again. You don’t tend to get these in England! I looked him up and he appears to be a Blanding’s turtle.