Saturday was our first anniversary being in Canada. It is hard in some respects to believe that we have been in Canada for a whole year; sometimes, it feels like only yesterday when we were landing. However, when we look back and think of what we have done in that year, it is also hard to believe it wasn’t longer. We are also starting to wonder if we should move again. When we purchased our house, we did so on a two-week trip a few months before we landed and although the house has pretty much everything we wanted, we also know that our perfect house is still out there. So, don’t be surprised if sometime in the future I announce that we are moving. We have looked at a few properties over the last couple of weeks (only from the outside) and have ruled most out, however yesterday we saw a house which on paper (or MLS) looks great and perfect for us, but we will have to actually view it to see if it lives up to expectations. In one way we want to view it but are also afraid that we will love it and that will start off a whole chain of events that I’m not sure we are ready for. So, watch this space!

Over the last few weeks, we have been trying to get some of our wildlife eating from our hands and we have succeeded with the chipmunks. We sit outside for an hour most days with a pile of monkey nuts feeding the chipmunks. At first, they were taking them at arm’s length, then running off a few feet to open and eat (or rather store in their mouths) them. Now they just come over and take the nut and sit by our sides eating.

The other day when Chris went to the mailbox to get the mail one of the chips followed him and he nearly trod on him. Also, on Saturday he was doing some weeding in the garden and the chips were following him about waiting to be fed. He ended up carrying a bag of nuts around with him so he could feed as he weeded.

Last night we had the thunderstorm from hell. We went to bed at about 11 pm and the skies were rumbling gently in the background, but within half an hour the thunder was crashing down with lightning so bright and frequent it was like midday, not midnight. The rain coming down was torrential and the storm continued till about 4 am. We could not sleep with the noise and they forecast more today and tonight.

I am off to the hospital today for another ultrasound, so hopefully my cyst has gone and I then just have to wait for the MRI appointment for the other things that are amiss with my insides.