Finally, I went to the doctors yesterday for the long-awaited results of my ultrasound and MRI. It’s good news, and apart from fibroids and a few abnormalities with my insides, I have a clean bill of health. The doctor said that I have four abnormalities, which are rarely seen in one person – trust me to be different! None are dangerous, so onward and upwards, a huge weight off our minds. The two wombs thing is rare and basically means when my womb developed it split in two, so I have two areas where a baby would sit during pregnancy. The doctor explained that had I ever wanted children when I was younger, it would have been unlikely that I could have carried a baby full-term as the area it would grow in is half the size it should be and I probably would have miscarried. It also means that I could have also potentially carried a baby in each womb! The mind boggles, but as babies have never been in my past or future, it shouldn’t be an issue for me.

Thanks for the messages of support I received via various sources regarding this.