On Monday this week, we took a drive up to Algonquin Provincial Park. On the way there we came across a group of turkeys wandering across the road – our first wildlife sighting of the day.

We decided to go on Monday because according to the Fall Foliage Report, the park was at its peak with full-colour red and orange foliage. We had a very uneventful journey there, very little traffic on the roads and great fall scenery. Stopped off in Bancroft for a Timmy’s and paid our $13 for a day pass to the park.

As we entered the park, it became apparent that the foliage report was wrong. A lot of the park was still very green with a few clusters of red/orange areas. We were a little disappointed, but it is still a beautiful place. The weather was nice with temps around 25C, but it was cloudy. Did I mention the temps – bearing in mind, it was the 1st of October? We did a few of the trails and walked quite a few km’s. The beaver lodges and dams were very evident.

Apart from five squirrels and one chipmunk, we didn’t see any wildlife, which was disappointing as last time we were there in April, we saw quite a lot, including a moose. When we got home in the evening we spotted a deer in our garden. We had not seen them since around March when the weather started to improve. So it turned out we saw turkeys on the way, deer at home but nothing in the park itself – typical.