Now the weather is getting colder, we decided to go through our wardrobes to see if we needed any new clothing to see us through winter. All summer stuff has now been relegated to the back of the closet and fall and winter stuff now has pride of place – well in my wardrobe and drawers anyway. Men do not seem to see the need for this changeover!

We decided we needed new coats. Last year we both got two new winter coats which stood up very well to the Canadian cold but are too warm for the intermediate weather. We wanted to get some lighter weight coats that we can wear when it is too cold for a fleece, but not cold enough for the real winter stuff. So, we trekked off to Pickering Town Centre yesterday. For anyone not in the know, this is a large mall in Pickering, which is to the east of Toronto along the 401. We did consider Square One mall, the second largest in Canada, but would have had to go through Toronto to get to it, so stuck with Pickering.

As men do, Chris found a coat pretty much straight away and decided to buy it there and then. It was quite a good buy as it was $200, but reduced to $140 and fitted him well. I also found a coat reasonably quickly, but due to being a woman, I couldn’t possibly buy it straight away, just in case I saw something better elsewhere. So, we wandered around the mall and ended up back where we started with the first coat I found. This was also a good buy $225, reduced to $160, so all in all we “saved” quite a bit.

I was also looking for a winter handbag, yes, you do need a winter handbag or two, gentlemen! Unfortunately, I did not find one that suited my needs, so will have to keep looking for one.

On the way home, we were driving along the 401 and saw a couple in an SUV. Both the driver and passenger were eating noodles with the driver holding the bowl in one hand and chopsticks in the other, driving the steering wheel with his knees. You see this type of thing quite a lot in Canada. Many people seem to not be able to drive their cars without engaging in other activities such as talking on the phone (not hands-free), eating, drinking, shaving, putting on makeup or reading – yes we have seen drivers reading books whilst on the road! Although we saw similar in the UK, it is much much worse here.