We have seen quite a lot of the deer this week. The other night, the adult doe was eating under our tree when the stag turned up. We watched eagerly to see what would happen. The stag stood several feet away, just watching the doe. She just ate and ignored him other than the odd glance. After about five minutes, he moved a bit closer, she did nothing, then he moved a little close, she did nothing. Finally, he moved to within a couple of feet of her, bowed his head and charged. She ran off and then rather than eat the food, which is what we expected, he just wandered off into the woods. Very strange – it must be a man thing!

Last night we had four deer in the garden, two younger ones and two older does. This morning while eating breakfast and watching the squirrels burying their nuts, one of the young deer leaped into the garden. We haven’t seen them in daylight since we had the snow.