We had a bit of a disaster this week with the freezer we keep in the basement. Over the last week, we have had quite a few snowy and stormy days and one of them must have affected the electricity, as we discovered that our freezer had stopped working and all the food inside was thawed. Because we don’t use the freezer too often, we only just noticed it.

Once we unplugged it and plugged it back in again, it was fine. We had to throw everything away and go out and stock up again, at a cost of nearly $200. We will keep an eye on it for now, just to make sure it is still working ok.

Not much else to write about other than the continuing saga of the weather. We had quite a lot of snow a day or so ago and are due another 30cm tonight and tomorrow – great!

We had the pileated woodpecker back in the garden yesterday, but it flew away before we could get a picture. It is the largest woodpecker in Ontario. We had one in the garden last year but only saw it once.