Oh my God, have we had some snow? According to the news, we have had more snow just in February, than we had all of last year and the year before put together. In total, in my area, 86cm has fallen – just in Feb and it’s only the 14th. The trouble is there is nowhere to put it. You go around town and the streets are piled high at the sides of the roads and in car parks they push all the snow to the edges, creating snow mountains that are 15 feet high. This is reducing the visibility for motorists exiting roads,  making everything very dangerous. There is more on the way!

We have always been fortunate that our truck has managed to get up our very long driveway pretty easily, so we haven’t had to bother getting it plowed. However, yesterday we got stuck, and I’m pleased to say I wasn’t the one driving! The truck got most of the way then jammed and we ended up digging it out. It took a while and a lot of swearing, but, we got there eventually. We needed to pop out today and I was dreading getting stuck again, but it was fine this time. So, still no need to get the drive plowed! Mind you if we get much more snow….

Now onto a girly subject – hairdressers! When I lived in the UK I always found that if you visited a hairdresser you, first of all, discussed what you wanted doing with your hair, then they washed it and then styled it etc. Since being in Canada, I have tried many hairdressers trying to find one I felt comfortable with and on every occasion, it has been the same. Go in, no meeting with the hairdresser, an assistant washes it and then you go to the stylist who then asks what you want. I find this strange as surely the hairdresser needs to see and feel your hair to know if a certain cut or style will suit both you and your hair type.

Yesterday, we had to have the truck serviced and so we wandered over to the mall to kill a couple of hours. I decided whilst we were there I would pop in to one of the hairdressers to see if they could fit me in. They could, and this time the girl asked what I wanted and even suggested something slightly different which I agreed to. I was pleased with the result and for the first time asked for her card so I can rebook with her in the future – after 19 months I have found a hairdresser – yippee!