Last night, we had a group of four deer in the garden happily munching on what the birds and squirrels had left behind. I just happened to be watching them when another deer turned up in the trees, then another and another. The new trio stayed back in the trees watching the others eat and then started to come into the garden. Next thing all hell breaks loose. All the older deer were scrapping and rearing up against each other, front feet pawing at each other. The younger ones stood around watching looking worried.

After lots of running around, they started to settle and some went round to the front of the garden and others remained in the back. Very unusual to see them fight like that.

Had two very cold days here with temps at -18c, but wind-chills of -27c during the day. It’s going to warm up over the weekend, but we are going to have more snow overnight and into Saturday. Mind you they are promising +6c on Monday!