On Sunday it became apparent that we would not be able to get out of the house in anything other than a tank, so we phoned a local snowplow guy who said he would be out in the afternoon and would charge around $65. So we waited for him to come.

At around 4 pm, our neighbours had their driveway plowed by a guy in a big tractor. We were tempted to go out and ask him to do ours but as we were waiting for the other guy to arrive, we didn’t. By 6 pm he hadn’t turned up so I phoned him again and just got the answerphone. I left a message asking if he could let us know when or if he was coming. He never turned up Sunday and never phoned.

This morning (Monday) I called him again and left another message and another a couple of hours later, neither were answered so I left him another, basically telling him to forget it. I then phoned another company who said they would come out in the afternoon and charge $60. We waited and eventually got a phone call from the guy asking for directions to the house as he was lost. He turned up five minutes later – in our neighbours’ driveway – which, if you remember, had already been plowed, so why he confused the two I don’t know! Chris went out to tell him that he needed our drive and told him to keep between the markers we had set up so he could follow the drive and not fall down the gully at the side. So what did he do – he fell down the gully, completely ignoring the markers. Chris then had to help him dig the truck out and he then said he didn’t want to do the drive and left!

By this time we were both really stressed, so I donned my wellies and trudged over to next door to ask for the number of the guy in the tractor. I returned home and called the number and spoke to his wife who said he was out plowing and would contact us later. We thought, oh not again, he won’t come out today, but low and behold an hour later a tractor comes down the road and starts clearing the drive – yippee!

He spent about half an hour doing the whole drive including the circular bit which we only really needed one side doing just to get access to the garage. When he had finished he knocked on the door and charged $50. I gave him $60 and he was really chuffed. He then cleared the area around our post box on the street as he left – bless him!

So now we have a nice cleared driveway which we can actually get out of. We do, however, also have a mountain range down each side of the driveway which is about 5 feet high all along.