Yesterday we had a dozen or so blackbirds, so they are definitely on their way in. Although we have only seen a couple of robins in our garden, we have seen quite a few out and about now. I also took this picture this morning of four strategically spaced squirrels. If they get any closer to one another, they scrap! When you see them like this, I am positive that if you took a tape measure, they would all be the same distance apart – it’s a squirrel thing!

Yesterday was officially the first day of spring – and it snowed quite heavily. Fortunately, the temps kept up, so much of what fell has now gone leaving the same amount as before, which is still quite a bit although we are now starting to see patches of grass etc under the snow. Temps in the day over the last few days have kept on or just above zero, so positively scorching now. Bikini weather soon!!!!