Well, we have hardly stopped for breath this week. Judy & David have been here, there and everywhere, but seem to be loving every minute. David has had his video camera permanently attached to his head!

On Saturday, we took David into town so he could pick up their hire car to travel to Niagara. He had ordered a Pontiac G6, which he thought was really cool, but ended up being upgraded to a Pontiac Grand Prix – he was like a dog with two tails. I drove home with him so he could get used to using cruise control and find the way home from the 401. Here is the dog, and if you look carefully, you will see his tails wagging!

In the afternoon, we drove down to Picton to show them around this lovely little town. Judy loved all the little shops so much I suggested we drive onto Bloomfield which is known for its quaint little shops full of all sorts of nic nacs. Although the men didn’t seem too impressed, we ladies loved it. After, we drove home and relaxed.

On Sunday, they drove down to Niagara Falls in their new car and our sat nav which, apparently came in very handy. They come back on Tuesday evening so we will catch up on their tales then.

On Thursday, we were going to Charleston Lake and 1000 Islands area, but at the last minute, we decided to take them across the border to the USA as neither had been before. Judy was so excited she could hardly sit still in the evening. We set off in the morning and drove to the border crossing at 1000 Islands and managed to get through customs pretty quick with visa waivers in hand. They were very excited to get a USA stamp in their passports. We drove down to Watertown, which is only a few miles over the border and stopped at the mall as it was a convenient place to stop. We had a coffee in the book shop and then spent quite a while in the book shop as we all love books. Contrary to what we are led to believe, the books are still cheaper in America. We wandered around the mall for a while and drove through the town then decided to drive back over the border to visit the 1000 Islands whilst we were there. The views over the river when you cross the border are truly spectacular. We drove down by the riverside and took some more pics.

The temps were even better than the previous days – they certainly brought the Spanish weather with them. On the way home, we stopped off in Kingston to eat at Kelsey’s as they fancied a burger. They ordered the peppercorn burgers and loved them. We have been spoilt this week with David cooking, as he is fantastic – I think I will have to up the ante when he goes home otherwise, Chris will be moving to Spain!

On Friday, we were all flaked out, so we spent the day at home relaxing on the deck. One again, temps were in the high 20’sC and we just sat outside reading and chatting, it was lovely. J & D cannot believe the weather here, they expected it to be really cold and wet. They also expected us to live in an igloo, but that is another story!