On Monday afternoon, we travelled down to Toronto to bid farewell to my aunt and uncle. It was quite a quiet journey, and we, of course, stopped off at Tim’s for a coffee. David was pleased when I looked up the airport terminal on the computer and found that it had not one but three Tim’s to choose from. We parked the car at the airport and helped them with their bags to the check-in. The trouble was we were too early, so they decided they would wander around the airport for a while. We said a rather tearful goodbye and then they were gone.

The journey home was uneventful and we chatted about the last two weeks, reminiscing already! When we got home I cooked the two pork steaks David had left for us, with his cooking instructions and they were lovely.

On Tuesday morning I had a business meeting to attend and when I got home found they had not phoned to say they had landed which was a little worrying. But looking at the plane schedule on the web it got in ok, so we figured they had got the car and driven straight to their friend’s house in the UK where they are staying for another week and fell asleep. At about 2 pm aunt Judy phoned to say they were okay, but that her friend’s mum was ill in hospital so they were going to visit that evening and would phone us again later in the week.

The weather has certainly taken a downturn since they selfishly took the Spanish weather back with them. We haven’t gone into double figures yet and have had rain and even some snow flurries yesterday – SNOW!!!!! The weekend sounds warmer, but wet.

On Tuesday we spotted the groundhog for the first time this year, lovely to see him back. The deer seem to have moved on though as we haven’t seen them much at all. Now there is plenty of food in the woods they cannot be bothered with us!