Today we had an appointment to see the new doctor in the area, having waited almost two years without one. We arrived on time and had to give our medical cards to the receptionist and then got to see a nurse who took our height, weight, blood pressure etc. She asked us about allergies and hospital stays but not too much info. We then got to see the doctor, who originates from England and has a very posh accent. I had our doctor’s records from the UK and asked if he wanted to look through them, but he said no, they start from scratch. I guess I thought he would want to see them just to be sure he had all our pertinent info, but what do I know! He listened to our heart and lungs and that was pretty much it, we have a doctor, yippee!

This morning we saw one of our rabbits on our deck. He was under one of our chairs and then proceeded to nibble at them. God knows what he found to nibble on a painted wicker chair?

You can tell spring is in the air as many of the birds and animals in the garden are in frantic mating mode. The rabbits are galloping around the garden chasing each other. We had four in the garden last night all going crazy and bounding here and there. The killdeer are also running around the garden. We still have a pair, so we want to see babies like last year soon.

This morning we had a male American goldfinch on the feeder. We see them quite a lot here and the male changes colour from winter to summer. Here he is in full breeding colours. The grackles, blackbirds and brown-headed cowbirds are all in mating mode with the males all showing off to the females who rarely seem to show any interest. The females just carry on eating whilst the males are fluffing up their feathers telling them how handsome they are the females seem to say “yeah right”.