We drove to Nashville this morning to spend two days. It was about a 3.5-hour journey which was pretty uneventful, apart from stopping off at a rest stop and seeing two enormous moths. One was a lunar moth which we have seen at home and the other was a huge Hyalophora Columbia moth (see pics).

As we could not get into the hotel until later in the afternoon we first went to the American Pickers (TV show), Antique Archaeology shop, located close to downtown. It was a great place with lots of stuff, but it was very busy. We had a sandwich at a cafe next door and visited a couple of other artisan shops in the building. Great place and the girls loved it too.

After this it was still quite early, so we found the Opry Mills Mall. The girls wanted to go shopping so we spent three hours there. Far too long for Chris and me, but not long enough for the girls. We had dinner at a restaurant in the mall called The Claim Jumper. It was very nice and reasonably priced. Then we drove to the hotel which was near the airport. We had a two-bedroom suite. One bedroom on the main floor and another on a mezzanine level. Both had en suites so perfect for one night. When we got there the girls went up the road to get food whilst we showered and changed into our Nashville gear, including cowboy boots for me which I purchased at the mall earlier.

We got a taxi to the downtown area at about 7pm. Rain was forecast so we decided to have a wander around before it started. So we went up Broadway and along 2nd Ave which are the two main streets. There are loads of bars and restaurants and tourist tat shops. It was fairly busy, but not too much at this time of night.

After a while, we went into the Wildhorse Saloon. A country-rock band was playing called Brother Trouble and they were brilliant. No idea why they have not been discovered, but then I suppose you can say that about a lot of people. Amy and I did some line dancing and we had a great time. We left about 11:45 and the girls stumbled in about 1am.