Today we did not plan to do too much as we did a lot of driving over the last few days. So, we drove to nearby Charlotteville to do some shopping. We found three malls on the internet and all were close to each other, so off we went. The first mall turned out to be more of a food and services type place, so we did not stay. The second was a fashion mall which wasn’t too bad. We wandered around, had lunch at Starbucks and then made our way to the third mall. This turned out to be outside and by now it was getting very hot, so we didn’t stay long. Oh well, one out of three ain’t bad, as they say.

We drove around a bit but found the city too busy and the roads crazy, so we got out of there.

After this, we headed back towards Harrisonburg via the quieter back roads and found ourselves near our hotel, so we stopped off for a coffee and quick break.

Half an hour later we were off again and this time went west towards the George Washington National Park. The roads are very windy and steep and some of the tucks were really struggling. We decided to take a side route to a lake, but the road, if you can call a that, was really rough and quite scary. It turned out the road did not take you near enough to actually view the lake, so we ended up having to go all the way back again. Not advisable!

We followed the road through the national park and into West Virginia and then turned around and came back to Harrisonburg. We ate at Red Lobster and are now back at the hotel for a quiet evening. No Skyline tonight, going to give us and the car a rest.