Today is our first full day in Shenandoah. The weather forecast said very hot, in the low 30’sC and very sunny. With this in mind we decided to go to Luray, a nearby town to visit the Hawksbill Greenway. This is a beautiful area of natural habitat for wildlife which runs alongside the Hawksbill Creek. We have been a few times before, and love it.

We saw lots of birds including green herons and ducks. We also saw a cute muskrat who was swimming around the creek and cleaning himself on a rock.

In the afternoon we drove down the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. We didn’t expect to see any wildlife as it was the middle of the afternoon, but we did see a bear, unfortunately, we did not manage to get a photo. Hopefully, we will see some more this week.

Early evening we drove back into town and had dinner at the Wood Grill Buffet. This is a great place as you can eat whatever you want from a huge choice, all for $11.99. That includes any entrée, main course and dessert.

In the evening went back on the Skyline. We managed to see lots of animals and birds, including 5 bears which included a mother bear and two adorable babies. We managed to get both photos and video this time.

Animal count for the day: 5 bears, including 2 cubs, 17 deer, 1 ground hog, 1 muskrat, 1 rabbit, 1 weasel (?), 2 turkeys, lots of birds including herons, ducks, geese, indigo buntings and eagles.