Today is our last full day in Shenandoah and as we have done pretty much everything in the area during this and previous visits we decided to travel down to Roanoke, about 100 miles south.

We first went to the Mill Mountain Zoo. This is a very small zoo and more suited to young children. They have some big cats such as snow leopards and a few monkeys. They also have small mammals and otters and a few birds.

The enclosures are very small and we were not impressed. The zoo is surrounded by lots of land, so there should be plenty of room to expand. Personally, I feel that this should be changed into a petting zoo with animals such as llamas, donkeys, horses, rabbits etc. I think it would be much better for the visitors and definitely better for the animals.

There was a really good view from the zoo which somewhat redeemed it but not enough!

The Valley View Mall was our next stop. It seemed to be pretty new and had all the usual stores in it such as Macy’s, JC Penny etc. It was quite a large mall and also had lots of shops outside in the surrounding shopping complex.

After this, we tried to find the butterfly garden in the Science Museum, but we could not find it. The address in the brochure could not be found with the car’s navigation and although lots of places were signposted throughout the city, we could not find one to this place. We ended up driving back to Harrisonburg, having dinner and then an evening in which included packing the main items ready for our return journey.