Tupper Lake, The Wild Center and Blue Mountain

Today is our final full day here and we decided to drive down to Tupper Lake area to The Wild Centre which looked very interesting.

Getting there as they opened, we went into the large building where there are lots of exhibits such as turtles, otters and various other small animals and fauna. We stayed to watch an otter show which was really for kids but it was nice to watch the otters swimming about and playing with each other.

After this, we went outside and walked around a lovely lake which is surrounded by wildflowers and the sound of frogs.

We then followed the trail from the main building to the overhead walkway which is located in the treetops and overlooks lots of greenery and wildlife. Every so often there is an area to explore such as the crow’s nest, spider web trampoline, playground, bird viewing area etc.

After this overhead walkway, we ventured into the woodland trails and ended up overlooking beautiful waterways. Totally stunning and pretty peaceful as not many people seemed to want to do these trails.

Once we had finished everything here we drove down to an area called Blue Mountain. We wandered around a couple of the small shops there and had ice cream. On the way back we saw an Osprey pair with a nest. I managed to get a photo of the mother with a baby in the nest, but it is a bit blurry as it was far away and on max zoom.

In the evening we went back to the Downhill Diner for a fish and chip dinner then back roads again for wildlife viewing, but managed to see absolutely nothing!

Home tomorrow!