We have just spent four nights in the Adirondacks in New York and stayed at the Best Western Mountain Lake Inn at Saranac Lake. These are our thoughts!

This is the first time we have ever stayed at a Best Western, so we weren’t sure what to expect, but the reviews seemed okay and to be honest, there aren’t many hotel choices at Saranac Lake. There are many more hotels in nearby Lake Placid, but they are very expensive and most were full when we decided to book, so we chose what seemed the best option left at the time. We paid $90 per night.

First off the location is excellent as Saranac Lake provides a great location to explore the general Adirondacks area which is what we wanted to do. It was easy to find and the hotel itself is located next to a small lake and opposite a larger one, so nice surroundings.

My initial reaction when checking in was good as I was greeted in a friendly manner by the man on the desk and when I asked if any of the rooms had a lake view he said that none had a direct view but he would give us a room that had a partial view. We were directed to drive round to the back of the hotel and enter in the rear door. There are only two floors at the hotel and we requested the top floor with a king bed and sofa which is exactly what we got. It is worth noting there are no elevators here, so you will be carrying your luggage up the stairs if you are on the second floor.

The room was a good size and appeared clean. We had a small round table with two chairs, a sofa, king bed with side drawers and a flat-screen TV was located in front of the bed on top of a set of drawers which also housed a microwave and a small fridge. The wardrobe area was open and located in the entrance way. The downside was the bathroom which was very small and very tired and dowdy looking. The bath and toilet were a strange yellowing colour, almost like the colour of ceilings where people have been smoking for years. It was clean but really needs modernizing and making larger. Definitely the smallest bathroom we have had in a hotel. There was also a coffee maker in the bathroom, but we had no cups!

Our biggest issue whilst there was the internet. On our first evening, we tried to connect to the internet and it was very slow, but as we weren’t too bothered that night we didn’t think too much of it. However the following evening we could barely connect and it took forever to download just a few emails. When we checked the speed it was 0.8MB which is definitely not high speed as advertised. We tried again an hour or so later and it was 0.5MB, so we asked at reception if there was a problem and was told no, they had the fastest internet available from Time Warner and if we had a problem we should call them. As a guest of the hotel, I really don’t think it should be down to us to sort out their problem.

I ended up giving up on the guy as he clearly had no intention of helping us and definitely wasn’t going to contact Time Warner for us. We never did get good internet, so if this is a priority for you, don’t stay here!

This hotel does not provide breakfast, however, you can go next door to McKenzies Grill which is a  great little restaurant. Hotel guests get 10% discount and they have lots of breakfast options. We always had great service from the staff and the food was very good. It looks out onto the lake, so depending on where you are seated, you can have a lovely view.

They offer all sorts of breakfast combinations but we chose their two egg breakfast with came with home fries, toast and a choice of meat such as sausage, ham, bacon etc. You get two slices of toast and plenty of bacon or two round sausages depending on your choice. Very nice food and a good price. Our two breakfasts with coffee and tea usually came to just over $16 with our hotel discount, so very good value when you compare to the likes of Denny’s.

It is also open for lunch but we never ate here at this time. We were surprised that they were not open in the evening as I’m sure it would be popular, but otherwise, we have nothing but praise for this lovely little restaurant.