We’re off to Florida next week

Next week we are going to Florida to meet up with our daughter Stacey and her fiancee Amy, although by that time Amy will be her wife as they are getting married on September 3rd.

They are getting married in the UK and we obviously had the opportunity to travel over there for it, but we knew it would cost a lot of money for our flights, accommodation, car hire, food etc and we would rather put that money to better use. So we asked if the girls would prefer us to pay for their honeymoon in Florida and meet them there rather than we go to the UK. They loved that idea as after paying for most of their wedding they would not have had much money left for a honeymoon.

So, they are getting married on the 3rd and flying over to Orlando on the 5th which is Monday. We have booked them into a lovely hotel for the first week in a large suite close to all the attractions. So they are on their own for the first week, then we will arrive and stay in a villa in Orlando and the girls will join us a few days later. We will then spend two weeks with them before they fly back to the UK and we travel back to Canada.

So excited to see them, can’t wait.