Got up usual time this morning, the only difference was we knew we would be starting our mammoth journey down to Florida to meet Stacey and Amy on their honeymoon after their UK wedding happening tomorrow.

We packed last minute things and had breakfast then set off about 8:30 am. We took a steady drive to the border, getting there about 9:45. We had expected long delays as it is a holiday weekend and lots of people start out on Friday, but there were hardly any cars there. We only had to wait for two cars before we went through. Usual questions at the gate then into the admin area to complete our visa waiver. Even that was very quick and we were on our way again by 10:05.

Drove down I-81, stopping off a couple of times to stretch our legs and a coffee break at Dunkin Donuts.

Got to our hotel at 3 pm and started off by walking around the outdoor mall just up the road before checking in. Wandered for half an hour, then checked into the hotel.

We are at the Springhill Suites, Moosic in Pennsylvania and it is very nice. We have a king suite which has a bed area with wardrobe, very modern bathroom, office desk area and sofa. There is a small kitchen area with fridge, microwave and coffee maker. So far, so good. Even the internet is bearable at the moment!

After unpacking the few things we will need tonight and in the morning we grabbed a tea and coffee from the lobby and chilled for a bit, catching up on emails and chatting to Amy and Stacey on iMessage. Wished them well for the wedding tomorrow and found out they are expecting rain, so had to buy loads of umbrellas for their guests. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen, or that if it does it doesn’t interfere too much.

After this, we decided to eat and there are three restaurants next to the hotel, we chose Ruby Tuesday. We both had the same meal, Smokey Mountain Chicken which is chicken covered in BBQ sauce, cheese and wrapped in bacon. We chose to have this with the salad bar rather than sides such as chips, veg etc. It was really nice, just enough without being too heavy. We paid $35.68 plus tip which was not too bad.

We are now back in the hotel and will take it easy for the rest of the night and get ready for the second leg of the journey which will take us just south of Richmond, Virginia. We could have chosen to drive much further each leg, but we wanted to enjoy the journey and take our time.