Last night at about 9:30 pm we were suddenly startled by loud noises which turned out to be fireworks. Over the road from our hotel is a baseball field and a game was being played. At the end, they had the most fabulous fireworks display which actually put our local town’s Canada Day display to shame. We watched it all from our window and after settled down for the night.

This morning we got up and got ready then went down for breakfast. The hotel has free breakfast which included bagels, muffins, toast, cereals, waffles etc. The only hot options were scrambled egg or gravy – yes gravy for breakfast, white gravy at that!

I had a toasted English muffin and some scrambled egg, Chris had porridge and yogurt. After this, we packed out bits together and set off for day two of our trip.

We travelled quite happily until we got to Baltimore at which point the roads got very hectic. We were taking lots of different turning and off and on ramps, thank God for navigation. We finally managed to get through Baltimore, then we had to tackle Washington DC. We had not realized that our journey would take us so close to Washington. When we say close we drove past the White House, the Obelisk and then the Pentagon. Managed to get a few very bad photos as we went by. We also went past Quantico, the FBI place.

It seemed to take us ages to get through the city as the roads were crazy which resulted in a very stressful drive. As we emerged from Washington, Chris was wrecked so we stopped off at the next rest stop for a breather and stretch our legs.

After a short break, we were off again and drove down through Virginia. Baring in mind hurricane Hermione had passed through the area the day before the place didn’t look too bad although the sky was dark and ominous. We did go through some rain but nothing too much and not nearly as bad as it could have been. We got to our hotel at about 5 pm.

Tonight we are in the Hampton Inn at Stoney Creek, Virginia which is about 30 miles south of Richmond. We were greeted nicely and our room is okay. It is a bit dull and dreary compared to the light and bright room last night, but it will be fine for one night.

Popped next door to Denny’s for dinner and had a skillet each which were twice the size of the ones we have in Canada. I couldn’t finish it, there was just too much, but it was nice. At least it was nice once I got my second meal after the first had mushrooms in when I had asked for it without, For two skillets, tea and coffee it was $20!

Chilling for the evening now for what I suspect will be an early night and off again in the morning.

We managed to have a quick chat with the girls after their wedding. Everything went well and they are really looking forward to their Florida honeymoon starting on Monday. Can’t wait to see them soon.