Travel through Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina

This is the third day of our trip which sees us leaving Virginia, travelling through North Carolina and into South Carolina to Charleston.

Our night in Virginia was less than perfect. The bed wasn’t the most comfortable and there was a train line close by so every so often through the night we were woken by train whistles and horns. Very annoying. There was also a lot of road noise from the interstate, but the windows must have been poor as they did little to keep out the noise. The breakfast in the morning was okay though with bacon and omelette with potato.

The journey from Virginia to South Carolina was far less stressful than the day before, but it was long and tiring and pretty boring which is even more tiring.

We are staying at the Springhill Suites, North Charleston which is near the airport, but no problem with airplane noise etc. When we got here and checked in we unpacked more than normal as we are staying here for three nights. The room is okay with a king bed, office area, kitchenette area and sofa. The bathroom is a bit odd in that the bath/shower and toilet are in one room and the vanity & basin are in the bedroom. Chris hates it, but I don’t really care. It’s clean and functional, so it will be okay.

We wandered around for an hour and I got a dress and a couple of t-shirts. We then went back to the hotel to basically have a lazy evening.