Last night we had a pretty good nights sleep. The hotel was very quiet and the bed was comfy. We got up and got ready then went down for breakfast. There was a buffet with lots of choices such as muffins, bagels, waffles, cereal, yogurt and the hot options were scrambled egg and burger patties.

We had decided last night that we were going to drive into Charleston and wander around the historic district with no particular plans, just see what we found. We have been to Charleston before in 2001, but we couldn’t remember too much, so it would be new again for us this time. I had found a multi-storey parking garage near the aquarium to park in, so we knew where we were heading and found it pretty easy with the sat nav.

From the parking garage, we walked along to the waterfront and got some great views of the very nice bridge that goes across the harbour. Although it was quite early it was very warm, but we kept in the shade and there was a nice breeze by the water.

We carried on walking along the waterfront until we ran out of pathway where we headed slightly inland towards the town. Eventually, we were able to get back to the waterfront at a park that had waterfalls that children were playing in. There was a boardwalk which led out over the water which we walked along and got some lovely views of the waterfront and back onto the land. There were several men fishing at the end of the pier and now it was starting to get much warmer, especially out on the pier out of the shade.

After spending some time on the boardwalk we went back to the waterfront park and followed the walkway along the water’s edge. At the southernmost tip, we reached another park which had monuments and cannons and other artifacts. Best of all, though, it had lots of shade under the trees, so we wandered through to get to the main streets.

We then spent several hours wandering around the streets looking at the historic buildings and looking in the shops. We also went to Market Street which has a long artisan market running its length. There were lots of vendors selling everything from woven baskets, jewellery and hats to food, clothing and pet items.

After several hours we were getting so hot we decided to call it a day and took a slow and very hot walk back to the car. I cannot tell you how relieved we were to get into the car and put the air con on.

We drove back to the hotel and cooled down, then went to Golden Corral for dinner. We had been to a couple of these before and had a good experience. They are an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, so you pay $11.95 and eat wherever you want, plus a couple of dollars for drinks. We were charged 2 for $22, plus $2.50 for each drink. Previous locations we had been to had many choices of food, unusually laid out by country, such as Chinese, Italian as well as a carvery for meats and a large vegetable and salad bar as and a large choice of desserts. This restaurant was not a good as this. It did have choices, but there wasn’t as much as we have seen before and the salad options were very poor.

Overall we were not very impressed with this place and certainly wouldn’t consider going back again. Very disappointed.

When we got back to the hotel we messaged Stacey and Amy as we knew they would be arriving at their Florida hotel around that time. After a while, we ended up chatting to them on Face-time which was an unexpected bonus. They loved the hotel we booked them and we got a tour of the room via the iPad. They are thrilled to be here and we’re looking at going out and getting some supplies before settling down for the night. They are tired, but want to go to Walmart! Apparently, they are off to Universal Studios tomorrow and on Thursday we will be meeting up with them and taking them to the space coast to watch a rocket launch. Can’t wait to see them.

We are now back a the hotel and have settled in for the night, so hopefully another good nights sleep.