First morning at the villa. There are tons of birds outside including a cardinal singing away. The lake at the back of the property has an alligator in it as well as turtles. There is also a local bobcat which is frequently seen, so we will have to look out for that. There are a couple of lizards that seem to be permanent fixtures on the pool screen and walls each morning.

We have a supermarket very close which is handy and as I mentioned we are within easy reach of all the places we will need to be during this trip.

Stacey and Amy are at The Point Orlando Hotel off International Drive, so only 20 mins away for when we need to meet up with them. They will be joining us at the villa on Monday after spending a week at the hotel.

We decided to go to Kissimmee Lakeside Park this morning as it was supposed to be a lovely spot, away from most of the usual tourist areas, so off we went. It was only about 20 mins from the villa and just off Kissimmee downtown area.

Even though we got there in the morning it was still really hot, it is in the ’90s here are very humid. There were lots of Fish Crows about which are a bit prettier than our American Crows but just as noisy.

The park here is beautiful and definitely worth a visit, but I’m sure most visitors here just go to the Disney and Universal type parks and miss out on this little gem, so I’m glad we decided to visit.

The park as its name suggests runs along the edge of Lake Tohopekaliga, no I don’t know how to pronounce that either! There are boardwalks and piers that lead out into the water and lots of benches available to sit and enjoy the view.


The edge of the water is marshy and lots of birds are wading here and catching fish and snails. Talking of snails, there are tons of huge snail shells along the water’s edge where birds have caught them and eaten them and discarded the shells.

We saw lots of birds, including an endangered Snail Kite which was flying around and swooping down to catch things. Here are some photos of the various birds, this time cutesy of Chris as hisĀ pics were far better than mine.

We spent quite a good while here and it really is alive with birds which we love. We also managed to see an alligator, a small one, but an alligator just the same at the water’s edge.