We had an amazing evening last night. Although we speak to Stacey and Amy lots via messages and Facetime we had not actually seen each other for over two years. Originally the plan for the holiday was to leave them alone for the first week as it is their honeymoon and then pick them up from their hotel on Monday where we would spend the next couple of weeks in the villa.

However, these plans changed when we realized there was going to be a rocket launch at the Kennedy Space Centre. So, last night we picked the girls up at 5 pm from Universal Studios and it was a very emotional reunion as you can imagine. We had a one hour drive to the location we were planning to watch the launch and we didn’t stop talking as we heard all about the wedding and what they had been doing so far on the holiday.

When we got to the place to watch the launch we managed to get a spot right by the water which separates the mainland from the space centre. It is as close as you can get without being on the actual property, but even then you have to watch the launches from several miles away. We had an hour to wait which went really quickly as more and more people turned up. We really did time our arrival perfectly.


The rocket is the Osiris-REx and this is the video I managed to take.

Although we expected more noise and vibrations that we got, it was an amazing site and the girls loved it.

Following the launch, we drove back to Orlando and dropped the girls off at their hotel.