I think I’ve mentioned the fact that it is hot here. We have had it really hot in Ontario this summer, so I suppose we have acclimatized a little bit, but it feels so much hotter here even at the same temperature if that makes sense. I guess it doesn’t and I cannot explain it, but it is just crazy hot here and the humidity is insane.

For this reason, we decided to shop at the malls today which we hoped would be cooler and give us the chance to find some bargains at the outlet malls.

We decided to go to the Vineyard Outlet Mall first as it is outside but has a canopy over the aisles, so better than being in direct sun, but still hot. We figured if we did this first whilst its cooler – when I say cooler, it was 30C at 9:30 am, then it would be better.

On the way to the mall we saw a Mickey Mouse pylon, so I thought I’d get a photo. I guess Mickey gets everywhere here!

Once we got to the mall we went to guest services to get a discount coupon pack, just in case we wanted to buy anything and get a discount.

We wandered round and went into all the shops we wanted but could not find anything to buy. Of the things we did find, the prices were no different to Canada and certainly not the bargains we were hoping for. After about an hour, we decided to leave and go to the Florida Mall.

By now it was getting very hot so as the Florida Mall is indoors we thought this would be a good place to hang out for a few hours. On the way to the mall we saw this completely crazy car. Every spare inch of the outside was covered in religious statues and crazy wording etc. The inside looked to be very similar, even his license plate was “to Jesus”. Cannot believe this is even legal, or safe!

We hit traffic madness trying to get to the Florida Mall as there is a lot of roadworks going on and the holdups and jams were nuts and very stressful.

After what seemed forever we eventually got to the mall and it was quite large. Grabbed a bite to eat first then made our way round the shops. Although there are loads of shops we just couldn’t find anything we wanted to buy. After a couple of hours we left and decided to go back to the villa to chill for an hour or so before setting off.

Late afternoon we were off again, this time to Old Town in Kissimmee. When we came to Florida 20 years ago we went to Old Town and really enjoyed the 50’s atmosphere of this small strip mall which has shops, restaurants etc. However, it has changed a lot over the years and unfortunately not for the better. First off it was deserted, only a few people wandering around. The shops had lost their 50’s vibe and were just a collection of shops selling tourist crap. You can see from this photo the place was buzzing!

We went up and down each side of the strip and went into most of the shops, but didn’t stay for long, deciding to go back to the villa.

Once back we spent the evening in the pool as by now it was a little cooler and the patio was in the shade. Had dinner and now trying to decide what to do tomorrow.