Collect the girls and a morning at Kissimmee Lakeside Park

Yesterday I did not update the blog as we didn’t really do much. We took the day as a lazy day and caught up with washing and shopping and basically lazed around the villa.

We set out at about 9:45 to collect the girls and got there a bit early as we didn’t encounter the usual traffic delays. After loading the car up with their luggage we took them to the villa which they had not seen before. Well, they seemed pretty impressed, especially with the pool.

Once they had looked around and dropped off the luggage they wanted to go to Walmart. What is it with Walmart that Brits love so much? We used to like it when we first moved to Canada and my aunt and uncle loved it when they came over and the girls love it too. I think it’s that it is just so big and sells so many different things. Now, after being in Canada for ten years, we have a love/hate relationship with it. We love the fact it sells quite a lot of British food and chocolate, but hate the place on the whole. Oh well, off to Walmart we went….

On route to Walmart, we took the girls to Kissimmee Lakeside Park where we went the other day. They were disappointed they had not yet seen an alligator in the wild. We had seen them there, so hoped we would see one again.

Thankfully we actually managed to see three or four alligators as well as lots of birds and lizards, so they were not disappointed. We also saw a duck with a little baby who kept chasing butterflies – too cute!

Not much to say about Walmart really. We went, we shopped, we left and the girls loved it.

Back home we put all the shopping away and the girls unpacked their stuff. We then had dinner and the girls went for a swim in the pool. We are all taking it easy tonight as tomorrow we are off the Kennedy Space Centre – to infinity and beyond!