Today the girls were going to Seaworld, but not us, so we dropped them off in the morning and went our own way.

We found details of a small car museum about 40 minutes away in a place called Mount Dora so decided to pay a visit to the Museum of Speed. However, after paying our $15 each admission fee, we were told we could not take big bags in, nor could Chris take his big camera. This was a bit annoying, but we went in anyway.

The place is very small but has a ton of stuff in it. There are lots of cars, memorabilia and information as well as some completely random stuff.

The museum did have some pretty cool neon signs.

After visiting the car museum we decided to drive into the centre of the historic downtown of Mount Dora and the guy at the museum said it was lovely. He gave us a map and told us where to go.

The historic area is very small, just a couple of blocks long, but it has some quaint shops and restaurants and is definitely worth a visit.

We stopped at a little cafe for lunch called One Flight Up, which indeed it was. There were two young lads serving and they were very nice and the food was very good as was the delicious hot chocolate I had.

We next wandered around town visiting many of the shops and artisan galleries along the way. We then walked down to the waterfront where we found a lovely park and a large lake. Whilst there we spotted a hawk – not sure what sort, but he was swooping round then went into a tree where I managed to get a pretty poor photo.

After spending some time in this lovely little town we drove a few miles away down to a place called Oakland. We basically followed our noses and ended up on a small lookout over Lake Apopka. The area has parking for a couple of cars and a short boardwalk out over the lake. It is slotted in between residential houses but has great views. We managed to spot a very large alligator, but unfortunately, he went under the water before we could get a photo and we never saw him again.

Next, we went shopping at a large outdoor mall we found on our GPS. It is called Winter Garden Village at Fowler Groves and has large stores such as Target and Best Buy as well as many other stores. I found an Ulta which is a makeup store that I have never been in before as we don’t have them in Canada and it was really good. I can see why Americans rave about it. I got a few small makeup items that were cheaper here than at home, but nothing too much.

There are several restaurants and cafes here too and we stopped off for a Starbucks before setting off back to Orlando to pick up the girls from Seaworld. When we collected them they asked if we could go to the Premium Outlet Mall at Vineland, so even though it was quite late we headed off there.

We arranged to go our separate ways and meet up at 9pm to make our way back to the villa. As we are not big shoppers we had had enough after about 45 minutes, but of course, we had to wait for the girls who we weren’t meeting for another 1.5 hours! That was a very long wait for us in the muggy heat (it’s outdoors but some areas are covered), but eventually, they had finished but hadn’t eaten so we went into the food court to grab something to eat. They decided on a Chinese and got it as a takeaway to have at the villa.

We eventually got home at about 10 pm and basically showered and went to bed.