Today was Animal Kingdom day and our first theme park experience in Florida on this trip. Although we have been to Orlando before we had not been to the Animal Kingdom so we were looking forward to it.

We got to the park and were driven from the parking area on a tram with a completely crazy guy welcoming everybody. His narration was hilarious and got us in a good mood for the park. We already had our tickets, so got through security and entry pretty easily. We had booked a fast pass on a safari, so after wandering around for a short time we all made our way to the safari collection point. Even the fast pass had a wait of about 10 minutes, but we soon got onto our vehicle – right at the back and began the safari. I managed to get a couple of photos, but the ride was quite quick with few stops and the ride was incredibly bumpy, so not good for photography.

I have to say we were a little disappointed with the safari as it was a quick journey and although they did stop occasionally, it was pot luck as to whether you could see anything from your actual position in the vehicle. Most times, we couldn’t. After this, we decided to go to the conservation area where they had a petting zoo, vets and other exhibits.

When we had done these we decided to split up and go our own way as the girls wanted to go to different things than us. We arranged to meet up again later as we were all on another fast pass for It’s a Bugs Life show. We began our solo trek through the Africa area and had a sandwich at one of the small cafes in the area. The picture below is of our turkey sandwiches and juice which for the two of us came to $35 USD – no kidding!

We then went through the Africa jungle area where we saw the gorilla, lions, meerkats and a few other animals. Another stop was the aviary full of beautiful birds which were really nice. We watched lots of weaver birds building nests and displaying to each other. We then went to Asia and saw a bird show where they had various birds do tricks, talk and fly over the audience. One of the best things about this show was that it was in the shade! There was an exhibit of monkeys and they were racing around the trees and the scaffolding in their enclosure. There was also a mother with her baby who was kind of cute.

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In Asia they have a roller coaster called Everest which takes you through a Disney version of Everest which you can see in the photo. We did not do the ride but heard lots of screams from those who did.

We then met back up with the girls and went to the 3D It’s a Bug Life show which was quite good, but very short.

We then went to the next show on our list which was The Lion King. This was a physical show with people and puppets. It was a musical and had acrobats and audience participation etc. It was very good and lasted about half hour.

Once we had all had enough of Animal Kingdom, we had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe which is in the park. The girls both had coconut shrimp and fries, Chris has fish and chips and I had chicken Parmesan. All the meals were really nice, although my meal was huge.

Although it was quite late by the time we finished our meals the girls wanted to go to Disney Springs which is a shopping area. We weren’t too far away so agreed.

We spend a couple of hours here and by the time we met up with the girls to get home, we were shattered. It had been a really long day for us old ones!