Classic cars in Florida, Aquatica Water Park and Florida Mall

Stacey and Amy were spending the day at Aquatica Water Park today, so we decided to find something to do ourselves. Chris found a car show that was promoted in Orlando and so after dropping the girls off we headed there.

The car show was located in a parking area of a car showroom called Just Toys Classic Cars. Although the show was scheduled to start at 10 am and we arrived at about 10:30, there wasn’t a car in sight. However, there was a DJ in his van parked close to the showroom playing music, so we were hopeful that it would get going soon.

Whilst we waited, we went to the showroom which was full of classic cars as well as a few more modern ones. There was also tonnes of memorabilia and everything was for sale.

It was a fantastic showroom with a lot of cars and well worth a visit. However, the same cannot be said for the car show which even after another hour or so amounted to zero cars!

We decided to head back to the villa and then after a couple more hours, it was time to collect the girls from Aquatica. Guess what, they wanted to go shopping again, so we suggested the Florida Mall as thunder and rain was forecast. The Florida Mall is inside, so a good choice for a rainy day.

We left the girls to shop and met back up with them 2.5 hours later. We had been to the mall several times and were completely bored, but when they got back they had only been to a few shops and wanted to stay longer. We instead suggested they come back tomorrow and have the morning there which they agreed to.

Then it was back to the villa for the evening.