Hard Rock Cafe, Universal Studios Orlando Florida

When we picked up the girls from the Florida Mall we had arranged to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe. This is located at Universal’s City Walk area which is basically an area of shops, restaurants, and bars at the entrance of Universal Studios. Fortunately, you do not need a Universal ticket to enter, but you do have to pay the $20 parking fee to get in, although the fee is reduced later in the evening.

The entrance to the park is clearly visible and you can also walk around the Universal globe which is quite cool. We went into the Hard Rock we were seated on the upper level, so we looked down on the lower level over the bar and a pink Cadillac suspended in the air.

As with all Hard Rocks, there is tons of memorabilia all over the walls and I took a few photos. They also had a room dedicated to Elvis, so naturally, I gravitated towards that!

We were served by a guy which was actually quite grumpy. I think he was German or perhaps Austrian, but he wasn’t too friendly. However, we put that aside to order our meals. Stacy had a veggie burger concoction, Amy had ribs, Chris had a burger and I had a pulled pork sandwich.

Everyone enjoyed their meals and after we wandered around the shop, but didn’t buy anything. By the time we left it was dark and we saw a whole new version of City Walk by night.