Chris and I were looking forward to today as we were all heading to Busch Gardens and this is one place we wanted to go. Although Busch is known for both its roller coasters and rides it is also famous for its animals which is what we were interested in. I had read about the safari that they run as an extra to the entrance fee and it had really good reviews so I had pre-booked this for us all. It cost an additional $29 per person on top of the $89 entrance fee, but we were on holiday so what the heck!

Busch Gardens is about an hour and a quarter from where we are staying so we arrived mid-morning and got our bearings before heading to the location of the safari pick up. As we had e-tickets we had to first exchange these for real tickets at the ticket counter which proved to be easy. We were given a map and told to arrive 15 minutes before our safari at 12:00.

Once we got there we were directed to a seating area to wait for our tour. Yet again it was incredibly hot and we were grateful for the fans provided and the free cold water. After a short time, we were greeted by a woman who was to be our tour guide and us along with about a dozen others were led onto an open top truck.

The truck led us around and we saw a lot of animals who were in large open areas and were free to wander. Although this is not the wild, we appreciated that Busch had made everything as open and free as they can within the confines of a park. Much better than confining animals to cages etc.

The highlight of this tour was that we got to feed a giraffe. There were lots of giraffes in the Savannah, but one came right up to the truck and was very willing to be photographed and petted in exchange for lettuce.

Once we had completed the safari we split from the girls as they wanted to do things we didn’t, such as roller coasters etc, so we arranged to meet up again in a few hours. Chris and I spent our time visiting the rest of the animal and birds which even included some giant tortoise porn – see pics!


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When we had all seen everything we wanted we left the park to make the hour plus journey home. We drove through some spectacular thunder and lightning storms and the girls were amazed at the intensity and the fact you could actually see the storms happening in the distance which you don’t tend to see in the UK.