After a great day at Busch Gardens yesterday, we were looking forward to our day at Gatorland. This was somewhere we had visited 20 years ago, but looking at their website it seemed to have grown a lot and had a lot more to offer. This is only a few miles from the villa so didn’t take us long to get there. We decided to pay not only the entry fee but the train and gator feeding options too.


The first thing we saw was an enclosure with lots of gators. There were so many they were laying on top of each other. Obviously, this place is all about the Gators, but they have so much more here too.

There are some great birds here, both wild one just wandering around as well as caged ones.

The budgies are in a huge aviary that you can walk into and feed them. They land on you as long as you have food on offer. Some seemed to really like Chris’ feet for some reason.

We could not resist the petting zoo, where we found goats, a mini cow and other very friendly animals.

The next item on the list was the jumping show. This is where they hang meat over the Gators and they have to jump to get them. They put on a whole show around this which is a bit silly, but the gators are huge and impressive.

One of the extras we had paid for was the gator feed. To be honest we had no idea what to expect from this. We perhaps thought we would get to feed a bit of meat to a tiny alligator, but what we got was a very up close and personal experience with lots of very big gators. We were taken into an area where there were about forty gators, all of which were enormous and we got to throw three pieces of meat to them. They also took our photos in front of them. It was a little nerve-wracking, to be honest, but a great experience.

We had an absolutely fabulous day at Gatorland and thoroughly enjoyed it.