After spending a fabulous day at Gatorland, we went back to the villa to shower and change and then set off for our evening entertainment – Medieval Times.

This is a dinner show in which it tells the tale of a knight of old fighting for the princess. There is a narrator who tells the story and lots of knights, horses and falcons acting it all out with jousting, fighting and general prancing around on horses.

When we got to the reception area I showed our tickets and we were given paper crowns and badges on lanyards allocating us the red & yellow knight. Everyone who goes basically supports a particular knight. What you get with your ticket depends on the level you buy, we went for the mid-range of Royalty, which gave us a lanyard, flag, crown, banner, towel etc.

Normally when you visit somewhere you end up exiting through the gift shop, well here we entered via the gift shop which was a huge medieval room selling everything from mugs and t-shirts to shields, armour and weapons.

The show started at 7:30 pm and just before that we were all led into a large arena and we, as Royals, were seated in the second row which was great. We were also right in the middle which was even better.

The menu was written on the napkin which was a good idea. For the price (search for discount codes on the internet) and the quality of the entertainment, the food is excellent. We were served tomato soup and bread, both of which were great and tasty. The main course which was also served during the show was roast chicken, sweetcorn and potato. It was delicious and Stacey enjoyed her vegetarian option too. For dessert they served apple danish and coffee, neither of which I had as I don’t like apple or coffee! But Chris enjoyed both danishes!

Anyway, food aside, the show was amazing. Lots of great entertainment, fun and fighting. We were supporting our knight by waving our flags and towels and cheering him on. There was also a falconry display included. The battle ended in a jousting and fighting tournament, which unfortunately our knight lost, but it was fun cheering him on.

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She show lasted 1.5 hours and was brilliant. I definitely recommend this, but look for coupon codes as there is no need to pay the high prices first seen on their website. We ended up paying $212 for the four of us for the upgraded Royalty package. The base package, before Royalty upgrade on their website, is $63 per person, so a good deal.

Overall, today was really brilliant, with both Gatorland and Medieval Times.