Today the weather was going to be much better, so we decided to go to another one of our favourite places Hawksbill Greenway in nearby Luray. This is a beautiful riverside walk that meanders through the town of Luray and we have been many times.

It was a beautiful morning, not too hot but sunny. We parked pretty centrally and began the walk and almost straight away saw a green heron. We ended up walking the whole length and back again and saw some lovely sights.

By now we were quite hungry so we walked into Luray to go to yet another favourite, the Gathering Grounds cafe. We ordered tea and coffee along with sandwiches which were really really nice.

Next, we went back on the skyline and joined it at Luray which the top third entrance. As it was afternoon we once again didn’t expect to see wildlife, just views and hoped to see bears later at dusk as long as there was no fog this evening!

Much to our amazement, we had not been in the park long when a young bear jumped up onto the wall opposite our car. We stopped and managed to get some great photos before he wandered off. After that excitement, it was back to views.

We were lucky enough to see a second bear, of similar age and size, but unfortunately, we did not manage to get a photo as he didn’t stick around long enough. He was obviously camera shy.

As we were on the drive and the weather was lovely we decided not to go back into town and waste the time and gas etc. Instead, we bought some sandwiches and drinks etc from the park shop and ate them in one of the scenic laybys.

As night drew in we were on the lookout for more bears, but did not see any. Instead, we had to settle for some lovely sunset views.