Travels are put on hold until after the wedding

We have decided over the last few months to not embark on our adventure until after the September honeymoon of our daughter as we have so much going on both practically and financially, that it would be foolish to rush everything.

With that decision made, we will take our time decorating the rest of the house and doing all the minor repairs etc. that need doing before we put the house on the market. 

I will concentrate on achieving my objective of qualifying as a makeup artist – which is going really well by the way. I have completed two modules and received a A+ for one and and A for the second, so very pleased with that.

By taking our time we can get rid of items we will no longer need though ebay, Kijiji etc. and get the house in order, then once we get back from Florida in September we can decide whether to put the house on the market then in the hope of selling during the winter months or wait until the spring of 2017.

I realise this seem ages away, but this is such a huge thing to accomplish that we must get it right. It is not something that we should rush and get wrong.