OMG! We just listed our house for sale

We have been debating about selling our house for what seems like ages now. Literally for years! But this weekend after lots of discussions we finally decided to sell. So, we phoned a local realtor, who happens to work with another guy, so the pair of them came out this morning to discuss the details.

 Our house

One was an older guy, nearing retirement I’d guess and the other was a younger guy who clearly thought he was something special as it turned out he once played for the local hockey team. He definitely seemed a little put out when we said we didn’t follow hockey and had no idea who he was!

They both seemed genuinely wowed by the interior of the house, saying they hadn’t expected it to be like it is. Our house is open plan, so when you first walk in it seems huge and they were very pleased with what they saw. After going through the whole house they were very eager to list it and offered us a discount on their usual 5% fees, to a bargain rate of 4.1%. We discussed the selling price and what should or shouldn’t be included and after a bit of negotiation, we agreed to list with them.

Holy moly, it was a bit nerve-wracking signing the paperwork, but we did it, so we are now officially on the market. They said the listing will not appear on MLS until tomorrow, so hopefully, we will get some viewings by next weekend.

In case you were wondering, our plan is to move to Calgary Alberta and rent an apartment. We want a simpler life and home ownership just comes with so many issues such as maintenance, snow removal, lawn care and the like. We are getting to the stage now where we want to be able to relax and enjoy life rather than worry if the roof is going to last another winter or if the furnace needs replacing etc. By renting we can hopefully achieve this.