We got an offer on our house

Talk about fast work. After just two days on the market and one viewing, we have an offer. This morning the realtor called to tell us that an offer had been submitted from the people who viewed last night. 

Whilst we waited for him to email it to us we were speculating on what the offer could be and what we would accept etc. We expected it to be a lowball offer and decided that if that was the case we would reject it as we have only just gone on the market so hopefully, plenty more interest is likely.

Well, the offer came in and it was pretty good. The realtor told us he would come round this afternoon to get our thoughts and act upon our instructions. 

The offer was $10k off asking price, which is pretty good and higher than we expected for the first offer. Also, they had only asked for a few items to be included in the sale such as the electric fire and kitchen island, both of which are fine by us. They also asked for our three bar stools, can you believe. Of all the items in the house, we did not expect them to include bar stools. However, they did not include any of our appliances which we thought odd and a little annoying. This means we will have to get rid of them ourselves and really we need things like the stove, fridge and washer etc right up to moving, so cannot sell them too early. It just makes things a bit awkward. The moving date they requested was 23rd June.

We spend the rest of today deciding what to do and how to counter. We didn’t want to go too crazy and frighten them off, but equally, we wanted a bit more from the offer. The first issue was the moving date. The 23rd is really awkward for us as it would mean we would arrive in Calgary right as the Stampede starts. This means that not only is accommodation hard to find, it is also triple the cost. I can’t really blame the hotels and Airb&b’s for cashing in but makes it really expensive for us. So we decided to ask for an earlier closing date of June 9th which gives us time to get to Calgary and hopefully find somewhere to rent before the Stampede period. We gave them an offer with two prices, a lower one for our date and a higher one for theirs. 

When the realtors came we explained our counteroffer and put it all in writing, signed the paperwork and off they went. They have until Friday 6 pm to reply. 

By the way, the viewing tonight has been cancelled as they didn’t want to view a ouse that had an offer on it!

Crazy couple of days, but definitely on the right track.