After all the excitement of the last few days, we decided to take a leisurely drive around The County. We crossed the bridge at Belleville (highway 62) and went up Rednersville Road and popped into the antique market on the way, but didn’t see anything that caught our eye.

We then followed the road round to Wellington and stopped off at Tim’s for a coffee and a sandwich. After that, we continued round to Bloomfield. Now, anyone who knows this area must know that you cannot go to Bloomfield without stopping off at Slickers for ice cream.

Even though it was only 12C, we sat outside eating ice cream – because that’s just what you have to do! I had my favourite flavour Jazzberry and Chris had Apple Pie. Oh, God, these ice creams are so good. I’m glad we don’t live closer otherwise we would both weigh a tonne I’m sure!

After this delight, we continued on the journey round to Picton and stopped off to visit a few of the shops. Then it was back home.