Today we had a really good day as we took a steady drive to Ottawa via the back route of Highway 7, part of the Trans-Canada Highway. We much prefer this route than going along the 401 and 417. Much more scenic and easy going. 

We got to Ikea and had a good look round at things such as sofas, desks, dining tables, chairs, beds etc. We actually noticed that they seemed to have quite a lot of new stuff compared to when we have been before, although that was a while back. 

We found a bed frame and mattress that we would be happy with as well a sofa. We also found things like dressers, tables and desks that would be okay. Also, the things like cutlery and crockery that I was planning on taking were really cheap, so I really don’t think it’s worth taking anything at all, other than personal stuff. We think that we will be much better off just selling ost of our stuff this end and buying new once we get there. It makes much more sense and will be a lot less hassle.

When we get to Alberta we will be looking at renting an apartment, so most of our stuff won’t fit anyway. We have a huge sectional sofa at the moment which will definitely be too big and we don’t really like it anyway, so won’t be sorry to see it go. Also, our bed is a king and we will probably have a queen in the apartment, so that can go too!

Whilst we were at Ikea, we got a text from our realtor saying that the buyers wanted to replace the furnace and oil tank as they want to use propane. They asked if we would leave the stove and fridge/freezer in exchange for costs to replace this and for filling the oil tank. This suits us perfectly as we don’t want the hassle of having to sell these at the last minute.

So, I suppose they feel they have won as they have extra free appliances, and we feel we have won as we don’t have to sell them. So win-win for all. Hopefully, that’s all that they come up with and the sale will go through.