So, we have finally decided which route to take from Belleville Ontario to Calgary. This might seem pretty obvious, but we have been going backwards and forwards over whether to travel through the States or Canada and which route to take via each.

We did think we would make a holiday out of the journey and travel through the US, basically following US20 through Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana etc. We wanted to stop off in the area around Mount Rushmore (Rapid City) as there are lots of wildlife spotting opportunities and the general area looks great. 

We then thought of going via Route 66. We have always wanted to do this trip and it is sort of on the way, but as we will be doing this in the height of summer, just when all the kids are on holiday the prices were much higher than normal and of course, it would be very hot in the lower states.

So, putting our sensible heads on, we have decided to go through Canada and get there as quick as possible, rather than spending 2-3 weeks in the US. This means we will get to Calgary at the end of June, in time for Canada Day. I’m sure the journey will be memorable, especially in northern Ontario which looks amazing. Not so convinced about Manitoba or Saskatchewan! In total it is 3,547 km. 

Just got to finish selling all the stuff we have left to sell and pack everything we are taking and we will be done. Sounds easy, but it’s not. We have to keep reminding ourselves that we went through all this when we moved from the UK to Canada 11 years ago. We’ve done it once, so we can do it again. Just hope we like Alberta now!