This morning we travelled across to The County to visit the Huff Estates Winery which was having a car show. We often go to car shows, so as it was going to be a lovely day we decided combining this with a visit to one of your favourite local places would be a bonus.

There were quite a few cars there both classic and modern as well as a few old British cars.

As well as being a winery, Huff Estates also has an art gallery (Oeno) which we have visited a couple of times. However, we have never been into their sculpture garden. There are lots of really unique art pieces here and I managed to get a few photos.

After spending some time here we went into Wellington to grab a bite to eat at Tim’s. Then of course we had to travel across to Bloomfield for a Slicker’s ice cream. I had a double scoop with jazzberry and raspberry white chocolate, Chris had apple pie.