The house is very empty now, but we have an airbed!

We are only two and a half weeks away from closing the sale of our house now and we have been selling off lots of our furniture and other items in readiness. The trouble with that is our house is now very empty and is starting to echo!

We have been selling things on either Ebay or Kijiji and on the whole have been very successful. As you will know from previous posts, we weren’t sure whether to rent a trailer and take everything with us or just sell as much as possible and start again in Alberta. We definitely chose right by selling as we have raised a good amount of funds to put towards new stuff when we get there.

The only problem with selling everything is as time goes by, we have less and less in the house to actually use. Our dining table went, so we are having to eat off the breakfast bar, which is fine and luckily the buyers want to keep the bar stools, so they stay and can be used. All our surplus furniture such as dressers, spare bed etc have all sold and yesterday we sold the first of our big stuff – the sofa.

This was a large sectional and we were concerned that if we left it too late to list it might not go and we didn’t want to be left with it, so we listed it early, and of course, it sold the next day! We have also listed our king bed frame and box spring (not the mattress) and a woman is coming for that tomorrow, so we will be sleeping on the mattress on the floor.

Mind you, we have purchased one piece of furniture! Are you mad, you cry, but no, we have bought a queen air bed. The reasoning behind this is that we can use it in the living room to sit on now the sofa has gone. Also, once our king mattress is thrown out, we can sleep on it and save ourselves the expense of having to stay in a hotel the last couple of nights here. It will also be useful once we get to Calgary as if we find an apartment we don’t have to rush a buy a bed immediately as we can use the air bed. See, there are methods to our madness!

The next big things to go will be the washer and dryer. These are a pain in the a?$e as I really want to keep them as long as possible so I can keep up with our laundry and not have to go to the laundromat, but we also cannot afford to be left with them at the end as we will have nowhere to take them. Such an annoyance that the house buyers don’t want to keep them as then they could stay. Oh well, I guess we will have to list them sooner rather than later as they really have to go.