When we decided to move back in February, we rented a dumpster and got rid of tons of stuff so the house wasn’t cluttered with things. When we sold and looked at all our things again we realized we still had so much stuff. Where did it all come from?

So, we decided we needed another dumpster and it arrived yesterday morning about 10:30.

We had prepared for it by taking a lot of the stuff into the sunroom in the basement, so it wouldn’t need to be carried too far. Chris set out transferring things from here to the dumpster, whilst I cleared out all the kitchen cupboards and added even more stuff to the pile.

I found that we had kept our previous set of cutlery and a full crockery set, why? But it came in handy, sort of, as I decided to keep a couple of plates, dishes, mugs, knives, forks etc from the old set. I figured we could use these for the rest of the week then throw them away before we leave. It allowed me to pack all our current stuff.

I also found lots of other kitchen gadgets and bits and pieces that hadn’t been used in years. That’s the trouble with having a big kitchen with lots of cupboards, you just fill them! So, tons of stuff in the dumpster.

By the end of the day we were exhausted and Chris had upset his hernia and was in pain. But we got a lot done and the dumpster was almost full.

We have it until Friday morning, so we can put all the last minute stuff in there before we leave.