We have now left our home of 11 years….

The last few days have been a bit frantic getting ready to move and travel to Alberta. 

We managed to pack all our stuff into boxes, bags etc to take with us and put all the other stuff we didn’t want to take into the dumpster. Monday and Tuesday were mainly dumpster days and packing stuff into boxes. 

Wednesday was busy as I met up with my best friend in the morning as it would be our last time together until, who knows when. We had a lovely few hours together and an emotional goodbye. Claudia has been my friend for most of the time I have lived in Canada as I met her very early on and we just clicked. Although we know we can talk via other means, I will really miss our meet ups.   

When I got back home after lunch, it was cleaning up time as the new owners were coming over at 6pm to do a final walk through. Chris and I went out for dinner, our final dinner in Belleville whilst they were here. we went to Montanas and he had a firecracker burger and I had chicken and shrimp.

Our realtor told us the walk through would only take 20 mins, so we got back to the house at around 6:30, but the people were still there. We drove round for a while and went back and they were still there. They eventually left at 7:30! A little annoying,  but I think it was our realtor to blame for false info, he is pretty crap!

Thursday was packing the truck day which was pretty heavy going as I am weekly with no strength and Chris has a hernia, so was really struggling. We did manage to get everything into the truck eventually, but I can honestly say we could have done with a couple of strong guys to help out! But we did it, even though Chris was left in a lot of pain and discomfort.

This morning, Friday, we got up early after a very disturbed sleep. We were both stressing about things and the relentless rain all night didn’t help. We got ready, had some breakfasts, the  last minute stuff went into the truck and everything else that was left went into the dumpster which is being collected at 9am. 

We set off at 8am and took the back roads rather than the highways. Our first stop was Bancroft where we stopped for a Tim’s.

We then went via Halliburton and Bracebridge, then onto a short bit of the 400 and up to Sudbury. We were thinking of carrying on to Sault Ste Marie, another 3 hours travelling, but we have been driving in pouring rain most of the way, so decided to stop at Sudbury.

I used my Hilton points to get a room at the Homewood Suites and then we went off to Dynamic Earth to see the Big Nickel. Then off to Swiss Chalet for food and back to the hotel. We are going to chill tonight, then set off towards Thunder Bay tomorrow. Not sure where we will end up tomorrow night!  

Our route