The journey from Sault Ste Marie is just stunning. We went through forest, waterfront, beaches and it was just beautiful. My only complaint would be that often you are passing some stunning scenery, but there is nowhere to pull over to get out and enjoy it more. So I had to take some photos from the truck, which isn’t ideal but the only option.

We stopped off at one area which was a beach called 

I saw this beautiful swallowtail butterfly and managed to get a couple of pics. It was quite windy and the stem he was on was blowing around, so I was surprised that I got these at all.

And some other random scenery shots.

We eventually got to Wawa and have a room at the Best Northern Motel. The room is a king and is okay, although it probably has the smallest bathroom I’ve ever seen. In the photo, the sink is not in the bathroom. There is about one inch either side of the toilet from the wall and bath. Seems okay though, but will have a better idea after spending the night.