After checking into the hotel in Wawa (Best Northern Motel) we decided to go out for something to eat. Our hotel had a restaurant, but didn’t serve the meals we fancied and was pretty expensive.

We decided to drive into the town of Wawa to see what we could find. We also wanted to find the giant goose they have here. First off we encountered lots of construction on the way in. We weren’t expecting that as it was a Saturday evening. It took us quite a while to reach the town even though it is only 5km from the hotel.

The goose was completely cut off with roadworks, so we went to find an eatery. We found one place that seemed to have a lot of vehicles outside, so we figured it must be okay. It was called North of 17 Restaurant.

They had quite an extensive menu, but we decided to have pizza. I chose the Hawaiian (ham & pineapple) and Chris had the meal lovers. We had to wait quite a long time for them to arrive but they looked really nice.  

However, looks were deceiving as they were very bland and tasteless. We ate them as we were hungry but really didn’t enjoy them. Oh well, can’t get it right every time!

On the way back to the hotel we topped up with gas and found another giant goose, so got some pics. We then saw another on the roof of a motel. I did manage to get a photo of the original goose that was cut off, just from the back, but better than nothing.